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The auto insurance industry park is promoted to the national level
Source: | Author:maitaibao | Publish time: 2017-07-11 | 1684 Views | Share:

Three years ago, after more than six months of hard work, our city's auto insurance industry park was finally promoted to "national characteristic industrial base". This promotion has been greatly supported by the municipal party committee and municipal government, and has been actively cooperated with the leaders of the municipal science and technology bureau, the old side district committee, the district government and the auto insurance industry park. Under the joint efforts of everyone, the promotion is successful. This is a milestone in our city industrial cluster, which is a solid foundation for the future development and growth of our auto insurance industry.

Next, according to the municipal party committee secretary xiao-peng wei about "foster the introduction of leading enterprises, strengthen metal industry" work instructions, with the aid of yingkou metal industry base of dongfeng industrial park promoted to national characteristics, yingkou steam insurance association will make project investment plan for the following aspects: 1, according to the situation of domestic metal industry, blank project in zhuhai metal industry, mainly in shenzhen and surrounding areas as the breakthrough point, to manufacture decode instrument, automobile test line project of the enterprise as the focal point in the, in domestic areas of investment promotion activities; 2, for our city auto maintenance enterprises set up the international platform, through the international exhibition, exchange, BBS and other opportunities, lead the zhuhai companies abroad to metal industry developed regions for field trips, actively seeking cooperation and m&a opportunities; 3, in view of the world auto maintenance industry top 50 enterprises, making investment plan, one by one to visit and invite some enterprises to camp, to promote foreign investment enterprises maintenance zhuhai industrial park; 4. Focus on the "automobile black box" project in the field of auto insurance, and formulate targeted investment promotion plans, take a point-to-point investment model and actively seek products and technical exchanges and cooperation; 5. With the large increase in demand of the Russian auto insurance market, the project proposal is developed for the Russian market.