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The market demand of auto insurance tools will increase with the increase of car sales
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Market survey analysis found that high pressure cleaner in domestic has the development potential, and has a broad market in foreign developed countries high pressure washing machine is the family widely used, so the demand of the market is very big, and there is growing trend. And market research and analysis found in the domestic market, the domestic high pressure washing machine market is still in a fledgling state, for the use of high pressure flushing were rare, and only for the use of large and medium-sized enterprises. But with the rapid development of economy, special is the rapid development of automobile industry and the popularity of the car to the gradual improvement of living environment, and to the improvement of living environment quality, the domestic high pressure flushing equipment market is rapidly increasing, the demand of the market are also increasing rapidly.

After a survey found that the domestic market is mainly due to low end the market the product technology content is low, on the process requirement is not high, also to the entire production management requirement is not high, easy manufacture, and high pressure washing industry starts late in our country. Our domestic products on the performance gap with the international brand, only on the service life of the product is a bit poor international big brand, just because of the core technology on the product the gap with international brands in China. However, China's products are superior to western developed countries in raw materials and human cost. Therefore, domestic brands occupy a certain share of domestic market with price advantage.

It can be seen that the high pressure cleaning machine market in China is very wide, and the technology development has a high space for improvement and has great potential for market development. Therefore, it is urgent to improve the technical content and make the high pressure cleaning machine diversified and portable.